My Testimony of GOD!

As a Christian photographer, I think it is important for me to state my faith

In my youth I have fought to free myself from the grip of God, thinking somehow I can both be of this world and within His will. He, who knows me as I am, and as I am to be, who is patient and long suffering, has endured my sin through the Love of His son, Jesus my Christ, that I may come to know the rest that is in Him. For no one takes from the Father's hand, not even my willful rebellion, no, not even my sin.

Through the teachings of my parents, I have always known who God is and have always asked Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins. This, however, never led me to a relationship with the Father, nor to a deep understanding of who He is and His will for us and His creation. The first half of my life has been a journey of futility, not rewarding at all. The second half of my life is going to be governed by the desire to know who God is, to learn about His creation.

This website design is new, so I will be adding to this page, which might become a blog, as I walk with God the Father!

If you are on iTunes, check out "Don't Quit"* from Fellowship Memphis. Very encouraging word from Steven, who is part of Fellowship's residency program where they teach the next generation of ministers, even if they won't be ministering from the pulpit.

*Unfortunately, they do not have this video on their website, nor does iTunes have it within their top 10. So I guess you have to subscribe, then watch. How so very 90's :(